Re: Proposal for File-Selection Dialog

>2.) Okay, but I don't know how intuitive that folder icon would be >for 
a menu. there something more "descriptive" that would 
>indicate that that pops up a menu of choices.

I've got one with a tiny 'down' triangle I'm working on.  It looks okay, 
but I'm open to suggestions.  I think the icon should work very well, or 
else be completely arbitrary, such as butting a tiny circle or a big 
right arrow a la gimp 1.1.
>3.) I assume that your first image would be a horizontal-scrolling 
>pane, a la Windows.  If it's good enough for Windows, it's good >enough 
for us, I guess.  But: 

Truth is, the horizontal panning has never bothered me, but if the 
preference is for vertical among us, it's really a small issue for me.

>But his opinions on the file dialog issue are at least choate enough 
>to merit consideration.  So you might want to browse this site a 
>little bit for critiques/inspiration.

I took a look at a while ago.  I agree that he seems a little hard on 
some things, ones which work for me fine.  But in general, he seems 

>Great work overall, though.  If you need any help with a bona-fide 
>GTK+ prototype (a REAL prototype :-), just say something and maybe 
>I'll be able to help out.

Thanks.  I'll use gtk stuff when I've got a working gnome.  Until then, 
I hope y'all don't mind windows style.  It's very similar in appearance, 
though not in functionality, to gnome anyway.  Bevels, squarish widgets, 


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