Re: actual proposal

Federico Mena Quintero <> wrote:
> Wording and removal of some things I think are irrelevant
> (i.e. considering the lack of a window manager to be a reason to put a
> close button everywhere -- a WM is one of the few things we can assume
> people will be running).

not always, federico. I know people who use an old laptop with 640x480
display to write their papers on, running lyx. on 640x480, window
decorations do make a difference, so they have a script to start X without a
wm and only exec lyx in "fullscreen".

I agree that that's a very small minority, though. :)

> This is for windows that require no interaction -- maybe this should
> be "no further information from the user" instead.  This would be
> things like notification and information boxes.

and error messages. yes, exactly that.

> Since the GNOME libraries already provide convenience functions to pop
> up such dialogs, the text in the UI Guidelines will have these things:

my unfamiliarity with the gnome libs shows. my examples weren't too far off?
cool thing.

ehm - nobody did comment on the general structure so far. does this ordering
into purpose/summary, reason, implementation and help for coders sound ok to

Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.
		-- Henry Spencer

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