Re: Apologies to gnome-gui if I ever said you guys were flamers...

>  The webspace was because I thought the proposals already on the gnome home
>  page were being hosted there.  I was peeved that I wasn't even getting a
>  response for *linking* from that index of proposals.

Hmmm?  Your proposal is linked from

>  People hate documentation, because it's too dense and disconnected
>  from the actions themselves?  Screenplays.

I don't think most people hate documentation.  They may hate bad
documentation, but it would be stupid to hate good documentation.  I
really like packages that are well-documented.  We need good and
complete documentation, not a substitute for documentation altogether.

Now, screenplays may be orthogonal to documentation.  Please expound.

Apart from that, this "Apologies..." thread is contributing absolutely
nothing to this mailing list.  Please end it soon.


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