Re: Desktop Configuration

Dan Effugas Kaminsky <> wrote:
> >If GNOME provides the user with enough simple, up-front control
> >over their desktop, accompanied by good, friendly help ("Yessss,
> >it's ooookay to delete that icon; you can always put it back
> >later, with so-and-so tool riiiight here..."), the user will
> >become more comfortable with making changes.  Naturally, former
> >Windows users will have to be reassured more than others, to
> >overcome these fears.  But if GNOME is well-laid-out and easy to
> >configure, they will gain more confidence as they go, instead of
> >staying at a plateau, like beginning Windows users often do.
> >
> >It's all in the presentation.

first of all - gotta agree strongly with john here. a lot of the fear people
have are because windoze (the system most of them use) indeed DOES screw up,
and sometimes badly, if they touch something.

> While the user should be allowed to change settings, the user should not
> need to.

of course not.  that's why part of what I'm proposing is a sane default that
makes sense for at least the majority of people. the 2% who really don't
have ANY games on their system will have to click 2 buttons or something,
you've gotta draw the line somewhere.

Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.
		-- Henry Spencer

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