Re: "PROPOSAL:" ...harvest the RSG first..nice try.

> Bowie Poag wrote:
> > 
> > Tom:
> > 
> > I'd *really* appreciate it if you didnt try to pass off proposals, making
> > them look like they were delivered by us. None of the maintainers want (or
> > need) to harvest anything from your project. Thanks for confusing the
> > mailing list in the process, tho.
> So now it's down to "Only maintainers can make proposals" and
> "The RSG is worthless"?  Are you serious?  The more this goes on,
> the more embarassed I am to be a part of this whole style guide
> thing.
> John

Do your homework, John, and you wont have to ask such questions.

Proposals belong here on the mailing list. Not attempts to divert
attention *disguised* as proposals.

See the difference?


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