Re: RSG, draft 4 -- Move it to a separate mailing list.

On Fri, 7 Aug 1998, Tom Vogt wrote:

> Bowie Poag <> wrote:
> > B) Please move discussion of your project to the separate mailing list
> >    that was offered to you; And feel free to advertise on this list for
> >    users to subscribe to it. That way, we both have focus for the two
> >    projects. 
> thanks a lot for now actually splintering the effort. you DO realize that
> people will not likely contribute to both?
> can I hear other people on this point except bowie?

Heh. I'm not the one who decided he was going to "splinter off" and
develop his own style guide, Tom. Thats the price you pay if you dont want
to play with the other kids in the sandbox. 

To be honest, I don't really care what you do with your project, so
long as it isn't here. I'm only interested in what you turn out as a
final product, which will will tell people volumes about how useful it
is. Two projects trying to share the same bandwidth to get their work done
WONT work. You've been offered a mailing list AND webspace to use, so, use

You can stay subscribed to this list, read what we're doing with the UISG,
and contribute as much as you like -- Just dont muddy the waters any
further, and destroy the focus of the effort here any further by
distracting the mailing list audience with some offshoot project of yours.

And as I said, feel free to advertise for subscribership on this list as
much as you like. Such things dont get in the way of our work.


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