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Date: Wednesday, August 05, 1998 7:51 PM
Subject: Re: Huge Batch Reply: Stephen

>Dan "Effugas" Kaminsky wrote:
>> >> File should be the leftmost text menu.  If research shows users open
>> >> gnomeprint, on average, before they open the File menu, then it should
>> >> the leftmost menu, PERIOD.
>> >>
>> >> Usability--New is much more useful than Exit.
>> >
>> >apple and atari have already proven you wrong on this. please don't
>> >belabor the point.
>> They have?  I missed this!  last time I opened up a mac file menu, I saw
>> same stuff, apple menu(but that's different), then File w/ all the normal
>> stuff including Exit at the bottom.
>how convenient for you, when arguing for "file" solely on the basis of
>its position on the menubar, to stick in "but that's different" any time
>you are proven wrong. verrrry convenient indeed. and not a single
>argument to tell why.

Oh, 'scuze me, I seem to remember a) apple menu != program menu, b) I have
no problem with menuprint and in fact was possibly among the first to
suggest it being great for branding purposes  c)  probably was among the
first to note that the leftmost text phrase probably fits IBM's research.

So I meant it's different in the same way the gnomeprint is different.

>i'm starting to really tire of this sort of argument. i'm going to take
>the couple of days off tom suggested. somebody else can listen to this
>flawed logic for a while.

Try reading.  It's fun.

>the most useful part of my irc research:
><Primer> yeah, quit is my favorite in any kde menu :P
><randal_> Primer: well said :P
>> I just tested my sister--she had the main entries in File memorized, but
>> NOTHING else...couldn't tell me off the top of her head how to change
>> size, or italicize, or etc.
>wouldn't it be great if she could tell you exactly which menu to find
>them in though.

I've been thinking we should somehow standardize all sorts of menus.  Much
better than "ok here's a sentence menu, a paragraph menu, a document menu"
type thing that your system just doesn't really work with.

>"<f00l> sundeity: I'd prefer for you to have some big breakthrough idea
>user interface...merely avoiding the idiocy of older interfaces is just
>question of taking care and thought (no one ever does)"
>can your sister name the first 20 prime numbers too?

Can the average user?

We're talking usability here, man.

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