Re: irc summary

Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
> ><lonelyT> look, what i'm seeing here is a generic "let's set a standard but
> be
> >flexible about it" why don't we dispense with the rest of these questions,
> >since they all amount to the same thing.
> LonelyT hated the meeting more than you can imagine.

doesn't matter. he said a  couple of interesting things and that's all that

> 4)  Remove any Linux-centricity from the documentation.  We're not just for
> Linux.  :-)


> Lets not forget, this was a conference that brought a new batch of people up
> to speed on the happenings of GNOME.  In two weeks, the UISG will have quite
> a bit more to show, and much more for the public to comment upon.

you're moving slow there. two weeks  and "a bit more" ? this  list is
already going into details for some points, I hope you guys don't get left

> My stuff...lesse, runbox, keybox/keythemes, screenplays, macro recording on
> the library level(I've come to agree with the Xlab guy here), collaborative
> applications, the minbar, and explaining the motivation behind all actions
> as well as rebutting counterarguments...there, harvest all of 'em and
> anything else I forgot :-)

screenplays are in  as a c5 point. other than that I only put stuff in that
was discussed on the list, because I want to  have heard  at least three
opinions on it.

> Can we agree to dump C1 through C5?  It's just *too* confusing, man...

is it? you're the first  to say that, if memory serves correctly.

go to sleep. maybe it's less confusing afterwards. :)

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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