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From: Tom Vogt <>
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Date: Monday, August 03, 1998 12:08 AM
Subject: Re: RGSG

>Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
>> Open save game FILE...clear high score FILE...exit this game FILE...
>                                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>boark? this did strike everyone as an oddity, didn't it?


There's a file that contains high scores.  Clear it.

>> Edit can be worthless, but only in games.
>ghostview? gimp, btw. also doesn't have an edit menu...

Ghostview.  Copy the onscreen image as a big hunka hunka burning bitmap.
Paste and cut aren't appropriate.  (Well, unless you want to paste a big
piece of postscript into a new image for ghostview to grab, or maybe if you
want to render some stuff by ghostview, just paste in the appropriate
postscript?)  GIMP doesn't have edit...hurm, weird case, very thin place for
the menu to go I guess, but if GIMP truly doesn't have any facilites for
cut/paste, then that's a bug, C1 level with gnome compliance, because I use
cut/paste all the time in photoshop.

(Why no gimp?  Like I said before, my debian 2.0 cd is on its way :-)

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