-- A minor announcement.

I'm going to be largely absent from participating on the mailing list for
the next 1-2 days or so, while I work on preparing for the conference. If
you're interested in seeing whats going on behind the scenes, feel free to
visit the GNOME UISG V2 Project Homepage at http://www.primenet.com/~bjp

..Please dont sent me any email about it. :) I'm very well aware of the
fact that only like 20% of the links currently work. See, thats what I'm
*doing* for the next 1-2 days. :) 

Feel free to snoop -- Just realize its a works-in-progress, and dont bug


| Bowie J. Poag  bjp@primenet.com  http://www.nubox.dyn.ml.org |
| Sand and grit in a concrete base.                            |

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