Re: Splash for 2.8 release

It would be great to adapt the splash which will be chosen in french (to put it on Anyway, you rock ! :)


On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 06:02:15PM -0300, Sebastien Biot wrote:
> In preparation for next week's big event I've started thinking about 
> possible splash graphics for the wgo front page. I got the following 
> three images out for your reviewing pleasure.
> 1) Flat(ish) but gets the job done:
> 2) 3D effect; a bit nerdy perhaps:
> (I just realized that the text on the right hand side needs to be better 
> aligned to the image on the left. I'll correct that soon.)
> 3) Quite abstract but still my personal favorite:
> I chose "Smart, Efficient, Beautiful" as the working slogan for this 
> release. Those adjectives reflect my personal opinion of GNOME and of 
> what GNOME "marketing" *could* center on and nothing else. Suggestions 
> of alternatives are welcome.
> The screenshot in 1) and 2) is from my 2.6 desktop. It's more a 
> place-holder at this point than an actual candidate for the final image. 
> I know that Jeff recently requested screenshots of 2.8. We could use one 
> of those instead of mine.
> Sebastien
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