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--- Comment #3 from Jorge González <aloriel gmail com> 2011-06-21 08:16:52 UTC ---
Diego, Daniel: concerning the misspelled accent, I believe it can be wrong,
however I see exactly the same in msgid and msgstr in the diff. 

And actually, after reading the comments I'm not sure the patch is correct,
since there are two strings that specify AM/PM format, and only one is taken
into account in the patch, the other is not:

#. Translators: This is a time format with date used
#. for AM/PM.
#: ../js/ui/dateMenu.js:175
msgid "%a %b %e, %l:%M:%S %p"
msgstr "%a %e de %b, %H:%M:%S"

#: ../js/ui/dateMenu.js:176
msgid "%a %b %e, %l:%M %p"
msgstr "%a %e de %b, %H:%M"

#. Translators: This is a time format without date used
#. for AM/PM.
#: ../js/ui/dateMenu.js:180
msgid "%a %l:%M:%S %p"
msgstr "%a %H:%M:%S"

#: ../js/ui/dateMenu.js:181
msgid "%a %l:%M %p"
msgstr "%a %H:%M"

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