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El lun, 08-02-2010 a las 15:06 -0800, Sandy Armstrong escribió:
> Hi Beautiful People,
> For Tomboy 1.1.2, I merged in two new features that that added UI and strings:
> Automatic background note synchronization (aka 'autosync')
> --
> In the Sync Tab of Tomboy's Preferences dialog, there is a new option
> to automatically sync your notes every N minutes.  In Tomboy 1.1.2
> this section of the prefs UI is desensitized because the feature is
> still a bit experimental, but it can be manually enabled by mucking
> around in gconf [0].  We'll sensitize this UI in Tomboy 1.1.3.
> If we have time, I intend to have Tomboy's icon change when it is
> doing a background sync (which I don't think would constitute a UI
> freeze break).
> New dialog when renaming a linked note
> --
> If words in your Tomboy note content match the title of an existing
> note, they are automatically linked to that note.  In previous
> versions of Tomboy, renaming the linked note would cause the text in
> the linking note to be changed to the new title.  This is a cool
> feature, but it really sucked when people didn't know it was
> happening, and used common words or phrases as note titles.  For
> example, if you had a note called "Ubuntu", and you renamed it to
> "Ubuntu bugs", every note that had the word "Ubuntu" in it would
> replace "Ubuntu" with "Ubuntu bugs".
> Anyway, in Tomboy 1.1.2, we added a dialog that shows up if you rename
> a note that other notes were linking to.  It gives you the choice of
> what to do (the default action is not renaming links, which is
> probably the safest for your note content), and has an Advanced
> section that lets you decide on a per-note basis.  You can see
> screenshots in the corresponding bug report [1].
> In addition, we've added a new preference in the Editing tab of
> Tomboy's Preferences dialog.  It lets you decide whether to always
> show the dialog, always rename links, or never rename links.
> Hopefully this is the last time you'll hear from me this cycle.  ;-)
> Thanks for being awesome,
> Sandy
> [0]
> [1]
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