[gnome-el] Linux Presentation Day in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland


I am a member of the board of the Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG, a non-
commercial association). About a year ago I had an idea for a new kind 
of Linux event which should be targeted at people who don't know Linux 
yet and which should be very easy to organize. We call this the "Linux 
Presentation Day" – not very German but we intended from the beginning 
to expand this beyond Germany after some time. Here is an English 


On May, 9th 2015 we had the first event, limited to Berlin at eight 
locations. In July we started to find interested organizations in other 
cities, first limited to Germany but we expanded that to Austria and 
Switzerland. The second event (the first outside Berlin but also 
organized by BeLUG) was on November, 14th. 79 locations in 72 cities in 
three countries participated; the event had 1500 visitors (due to an 
unexpected lack of media coverage). Two new Linux User Groups have been 

Now we have started to look for organizations abroad for our next event 
as the main goal of the event is to make it so big that we reach a new 
level of media coverage. We were more than surprised when we were told 
that the Italians have been doing something very similar for 15 


Is there something similar in Greece already?

I am looking for a few organizations (LUGs, similar associations, 
companies, schools, universities, ...) which are interested in such an 
event and might participate in the LPD 2016.1 and use their experience 
from that for organizing it as a nationwide event for LPD 2016.2.


The date for the next event (LPD 2016.1) is April, 30th (Saturday). The 
date for 2016.2 will probably be the Italian date (October, 22th).

The nationwide Dutch LUG is interested in participating. Several Italian 
and two British cities are. Our Swiss organizers take care for France. 
And more countries will be addressed. The aim is to have a Europe-wide 
event soon and a worldwide event within a few years.


(Mr. Hauke Laging)
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