Re: [team-gnome-gr] List of GNOME User Groups update

2010/12/6 Michał Konieczny <mic22 mic22 info>:
First of all I'm Google Code-In student and I'm responsible for update
the List of GNOME User Groups (
So, if it's possible please provide required informations such as:
* Full name and email of primary contact person.
* Location, group name.
* Homepage, mailing list, IRC, wiki, ect.
* Membership size.
* Events attended, group actions.

It's important, so please reply as soon as possible.

Hi Michał,

Our data at
are valid.

Regarding additional information,
a. Membership size: there are 94 members in our mailing list.
b. You can put as location, "Athens, Greece", which is the capital
city of Greece.
c. Add my details for primary contact, see for e-mail, full name.

Ask us any specific bits of information that are missing from your list.


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