[team-gnome-gr] FL/OSS Tool Survey

Dear all,

I would like to pinpoint you that there is a survey on our FLOSS.com site:

The survey's objective is to learn about the type of tools that are actually used by FLOSS community members, what they are used for and how they support them within the three different activities:

* Reading and self studying (also re-use of other members' learning outcome)
    * Collaboration on problem solving within the community
    * Publication of (learning) outcomes

Recent studies seemed to focus mainly on the role of mailing lists and concurrent versions systems (CVS).

This survey aims at closing this gap by focusing on the tools that were identified during an initial review (like forums, blogs, wikis).

Anyone being familiar with FLOSS is invited to take part in this survey and to share his experience and knowledge!

And remember!
FLOSS lives and evolves from our voluntary contribution, so do not hesitate to aid us in
our efforts: Please take some time to fill it out...

Thank you
On behalf of the FLOSS.com team

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