Next (winter) docs hackfest?

Hi all

Last year, we had our "winter" hackfest in Norwich, UK, in the week
leading up to FOSDEM. I remember that there was some interest in
proposing new locations, and the venue at Norwich is also available

I think that it would make most sense to do something similar in terms
of timing again, unless someone objects. That would make the hackfest
dates sometime around 24th-29th of January.

I don't think that the Foundation would be able to sponsor the
hackfest, so I would like you all to think about whether you would be
able to attend without sponsorship and where would  the best location
for the hackfest be.

I would like to offer Norwich again, the features are:
- free venue at UEA (University of East Anglia) with reasonable internet access
- we can offer at least 8 free sleeping places (possibly more
depending on how cosy you want to get and how many favours we can call
- other accommodation is available for £25-50 (depending on location
and single/double rooms)
- cheapest airport is Stansted, but Norwich is very close
- transport to Heathrow/Gatwick is easy (but a bit pricey)
- it is possible to take the train from western Europe

If anyone else is willing to propose a location, please do so as soon
as possible because cheap flight and train tickets are already being
sold for those dates.


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