Re: GNOME Shell Modal Dialog Tweakage

On Mon, 2012-03-12 at 10:40 +0000, Allan Day wrote:
> The first is the apparent lack of consensus. I was following what I
> understood to be good practice, and even went out if my way to be
> considerate towards the docs team. It's frustrating to then be told
> that I'm breaking the rules. I largely agree with Matthias's last
> message, but I also want some clarity.

You went out of your way to send an email? What's frustrating is when
people act like they're doing me some huge favor by following rules
that have been in place, in varying forms, since before I joined GNOME
nine years ago. It's patronizing and borderline insulting.

Obviously, there are people who think minor changes should not require
approval. But you have a docs team member and a release team member in
this thread who both thought otherwise. So the understanding you think
there is doesn't seem to be that well-understood.

> The second issue is what the policy should actually be. This is really
> up to the release and docs teams, but my personal opinion is that
> minor cosmetic changes that don't impact on the docs shouldn't require
> a break request. We're busy enough without having to jump through
> extraneous bureaucratic hoops.

The docs team is busy enough without chasing late-cycle changes. We
really want to be able to freeze our docs for translators. But that
is absolutely not possible if we have to adapt changes right up to
release day.

The thing is, you don't know what changes impact docs. You really
don't. I don't even know without checking. And the only people I
trust to check thoroughly are the small handful of people working
regularly on the docs.


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