Idea for the Eye Of GNOME documentation

Hi all,

while translating the new eog manual I'm actually unsatisfied with
handling the basic functions (provided by eog) and the plugin functions
(provided by eog-plugins).

For now, the manual handles all the topics which are related to eog
*and* eog-plugins, regardless the user has the plugins package at his
machine or not. In many strings, we find hints that a plugin function is
only available if eog-plugins is installed.

My idea: We need a second help stack in the eog-plugins module. All the
function descriptions related to the plugins should be moved to there,
and the current topic "Extend functionality" in becomes empty
when eog-plugins is not installed. We fill up the empty topic with a
short hint that extended functionality is only available when
eog-plugins is available. Then we can throw away all the particular
hints in the manual, and we could better distinguish between basic and
plugin functions.

Imagine, a user opens the manual and doesn't read it carefully. »Where
are all these extra functions, I cannot find anything, fu*** docs!«. Im
sure we could avoid some trouble this way. I know, Mallard can handle
such topics from foreign modules. Some time ago, I've tested it with the
Emerillon manual, where I have outsourced some topics to
emerillon-plugins. Just for testing purposes, it has never committed to
the Git anyway.

Just an idea, but perhaps worth to think about it. If it works as
expected, we could do it for gedit/gedit-plugins the same way.

Best Regards,

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