Re: Not able to name desktops.

Hi David,

On Wed, 2011-03-09 at 10:23 -0800, david pryce wrote:
> One of the best features on Ubuntu  9.04 (at least I think so) is the
> ability to name the desktop.   ie. Music Net etc.
> This cannot be done on Ubuntu 10.10. (or can it be done? )
> This may sound strange, but that is what is preventing me from
> upgrading
> to 10.10.
> Thanks for giving the world  such a great piece of software.

Sorry, this isn't a support mailing list. You can find a support mailing
list for Ubuntu here:

I'm not sure what happened to the workspace (desktop) names - the option
to change them was probably removed because it's not a very commonly
used feature.

You may still be able to change the names of workspaces by doing the

     1. Press Alt+F2. A "Run Application" window appears.
     2. Type "gconf-editor" (without quotes) into the box and click Run.
     3. The Configuration Editor will open. Use the sidebar on the left
        to navigate to /apps/metacity/workspace_names
     4. In the main part of the window, change the names of the
        workspaces by double-clicking the "Value" column next to each
        workspace, e.g. to name your 2nd workspace, double-click the
        blank space next to "name_2".
     5. Press Enter to finish editing, and close the Configuration
        Editor window. The change should be instant.

I'm not sure if these workspaces will have visible names any more, but
these are the options that would probably need to be changed if they do.



Phil Bull
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