Revised Documentation Team Report - 2010 Q4

Revised. Sorry for the noise:

The documentation team started pushing harder on the new
Mallard-based desktop help. Two students from the Women's
Outreach Program, Tiffany Antopolski and Natalia Ruz, have
been hard at work ensuring the Gnome 3 desktop will be

As part of the Google Code-in, Jason Lo worked on converting
the Character Map help to Mallard.

Andre Klapper and Barbara Tobias have joined Phil and April in
working on the Evolution documentation rewrite. Andre has done a
significant amount of planning.

Shaun attended the AEGIS conference and the accompanying
Gnome accessibility hackfest. He advised accessibility team
members on creating topic-oriented help, and began working
on accessibility for the desktop help.

In December, writers and developers met in Berlin for the
development documentation and tools hackfest. A new set of
demo tutorials was created to help familiarize developers
with the Gnome developer platform. Work is ongoing.

Phil began work on the new documentation style guide, and
converted the usability team's new HIG material to Mallard.

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