Documentation Team Report - 2010 Q3

The documentation team held an all-day BOF at GUADEC to
meet with application developers and discuss plans for
the 3.0 documentation. The team also held an all-day
planning session at GUADEC to map out the GNOME 3.0
desktop help.

During the BOF, we discussed Anjuta documentation and
developer documentation in general. Phil Bull has made
progress on an Anjuta overview. This discussion also
led to the planning of the developer documentation
hackfest, to be held in December 2010.

We were also approached by the Evolution maintainers
during the BOF. Phil Bull has been working on creating
new topic-oriented help for Evolution, based on the
existing Evolution FAQ.

The desktop help has been progressing, thanks in large
part to new contributors April Gonzales and Cristopher
Thomas. Some parts of the desktop help cannot be written
yet, because 3.0 is a moving target. Shaun McCance began
planning the accessibility topics, and will attend the
accessibility hackfest in October 2010 to discuss with
the accessibility hackers and users.

Paul Cutler finished the Banshee help. Milo Casagrande
began work on the Rhythmbox help and updated the Empathy
help. Phil Bull created new help for Evince.

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