I am a fourth year software engineering student, and I am very
interested in getting involved in GDP.  I would like to write new
documentation for applications in need of new or updated user docs (I
think this would be a good place to start).  However, I don't really
know how to go about getting involved.

  I was just reading through the Documentation Project pages on  How would I actually start participating in
contributing to the project if I was interested in writing user docs for
one of the apps listed there (for example Evince).  Who would I contact?

 At the moment I do not have any experience with open-source (except for
being a ubuntu user).  Any guidance, advice, help, or being pointed in
the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I am 'mimico' on irc.  Hope to see you there.

Thanks and cheers,

Tiffany Antopolski

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