Using videos in the help

Hi list,

prompted by the "video problem" with different HTML rendering engine,
with a friend of mine (Luca Ferretti), we managed to put on the web a
video of yelp with WebKit backend and the HTML version of the Tetravex
help with the video in it.

You can find everything here:

I tested the HTML version with Firefox (3.5) and with Chrome (>4.0),
and Luca tested it with Epiphany (in jhbuild).
Firefox is the only one that plays the video in its exact aspect,
Chrome has good video controls, but the aspect is not preserved, and
in Epiphany (as you can see from the video) video controls are not
visible even if the video is played.

I don't know the actual development status of Epiphany and what are
the plans for the future, if somebody can give us an update or some
hints, that would be awesome.
Also, if somebody else is willing to try out Epiphany and see how it
works out, that would be really appreciated.

Speaking of Tetravex video, I would really like to see it in, but if
most of the distros are shipping a WebKit based version of Yelp, and
this doesn't provide a good experience yet, I'll leave it out. I plan
to push the new Tetravex help version during the weekend, so to have a
little time to collect more impressions and experiences.

Thanks for the help.


Milo Casagrande <miloc gnome org>

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