Re: How to generate .page files from .po files

Hi Andrej,

2010/8/7 Andrej Znidarsic <andrej znidarsic gmail com>:
> Hello !
> I am a translator and i would like to review my translation of documentation
> of gnome programs.
> Some programs have documenation in the form of .page files, but i don't know
> how to generate them from .po files, which i use to do the translations.
> Can someone explain me how to do it?

You should do something like this (supposedly you are in the help/ directory):

for i in `ls ./C`
xml2po -p ../po/LANG.po -o ./LANG/$i $i

This should get you all the .page files translated from your LANG po
file into the LANG directory, and you can read those pages with Yelp
as usual (yelp help/LANG/).

Hope this can help you.


PS: I think a while back somebody else asked the same question...
maybe it is time to add a little page on l.g.o about how to do that,
maybe with a simple script... Mental note to do that.

Milo Casagrande <miloc gnome org>

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