Re: Proposal: GNOME Doc IRC planning meeting

On Thu, 2009-10-22 at 18:52 +0200, Milo Casagrande wrote:
> Hi,
> after last meeting we said that we need a planning session for the
> activities for the 2.30 release cycle.
> What about holding this session Sunday 1st November? 17UTC or 19UTC?
> What do others think?

IMPORTANT NOTE: DST in the US ends on November 1 at 2am.
UTC never changes.  So if you're in a DST-participating
area, you need to take another hour off the time you're
used to.  For those of us in Central (me and Paul), that
means 17UTC will be 11am, not noon.

I'm going to be in Chicago that weekend, at my favorite
weekend of the entire year[1].  I might be able to find
a coffee house before heading back down, but there's no
way I could do it before 3pm, which is 21UTC.



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