Peer Review Requests (file-roller and gnome-system-monitor)

Hi, I have two more peer review requests for file-roller and

file-roller - Patch attached to Bug 575419

This patch fixes bug 575419 and also:

* Fixes Bug 575420
* Fixes small grammar issue
* Changes description of application to better match description of other apps
found at
* Adds Pulse compatibility

This patch was generated against trunk, I did find a 2.26 branch

gnome-system-monitor - Patch attached to Bug 500559

This patch to the documentation file fixes this bug, and:

* Adds Pulse compatibility
* Fixes bug 515603 (small typo) :

This patch was created against trunk

Please let me know if you would rather have the xml help file to open
in Yelp rather than applying the patch.

Thank you.


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