sprint task

Central Topic


configure programs start


read email

change desktop

play solitaire


create docs

call someone

get photos off camera

publish photos

add video

burn cd

publ;sh webpage


give presentation

parental control

connect to projector

use multiple monitors

use other platforms

open Word files

connect to wireless

need big fonts

need high contrast

can't use keyboard or mouse

change language

create icons

backup files

find lost files

take screenshot


change printer settings

watch movie

want to learn how to program

how do i stop an app

want to sync with bluetooth

want to scan old photos

wat to manage sales contacts

want to change time on clock

want to install new software

want to check weather 

weather where i'm gong

want to track my time

want to organize my desktop

want to recover my trash

want to securely delete

want to adjust volume

slow computer - want to fix

use headphones

add user to system

eg family


want to check stock

want to order booze

want to fix photo, eg redeye

want to print 

want to rename a lot of files

want to deal with screenshots

want to make thumb drive work

want to resize hard disk

want to change photo on login

make photos screensaver

where's start menu

want to tweet

want to use facebook

how do i do command line?

want to share files w another computer

want to get a file form a windows computer

how do i prevent viruses

how do i fix my screen res

how do i fix my sound

i want to download tv shows

i want to make computer avail to set top box

make flyer

video conf

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