Re: Making 2.26 Documentation Rock

Il giorno lun, 12/01/2009 alle 12.44 -0600, Shaun McCance ha scritto:
> Awesome. You should also add a "planning" link in the
> releaseinfo to the planning page on

Done that, I've uploaded a new version of the document in the bug

> Is there any reason you're not just working on this in
> Gnome SVN directly? 

Actually, I started it as an "external" project so that I could have
some sort of version control system access and then Xavier could easily
merge with his branch.

> I'm a big fan of Git, but having
> your latest work in SVN means Pulse can track it, and
> translators can start translating it.

I'm more than happy to use the bug report to keep track of the progress,
send patches there and then somebody will commit them.

Il giorno lun, 12/01/2009 alle 19.48 +0100, Frederic Peters ha scritto:
> I second this opinion; and I am sure Xavier Claessens would be
> perfectly happy handing all control on empathy/help/ directory.
> And if you don't have a subversion account yet, feel free to bug
> me whenever there is a documentation patch you want to commit.

I don't have an SVN account, so I will sure need your precious help! :)

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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