Re: UI freeze break request: incoming muc invitation in Empathy

Il giorno mar, 10/02/2009 alle 17.45 +0100, Frederic Peters ha scritto:
> The UI change is minimal, and from a quick look at the documentation
> it doesn't seem the actions that can be performed from the status icon
> are mentioned at all.

I've been asked to add a little comment into this thread since I'm the
last person that has been (and still is) working on Empathy
documentation. This changes doesn't affect the documentation (yet). Work
is ongoing, even if at a low pace than I would really like: it's not
that easy to balance an easy to read document for end user with a
complex application without falling into too technical/nerdy details.

If somebody is willing to help with directions, proofreading or
whatever, please contact me, I'll be more than happy!


Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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