gbrainy Mallard documentation

Hello folks,

I have been working on the last days in adding the documentation using Mallard to gbrainy[1].

I would appreciate some input / help in these area:

1) Since I added Mallard support I get the following error when running

Running automake --gnu  ...
gnome-doc-utils.make:74: if $(DOC_H_FILE: non-POSIX variable name
gnome-doc-utils.make:74: (probably a GNU make extension)
help/   `gnome-doc-utils.make' included from here
gnome-doc-utils.make:77: if $(DOC_H_FILE: non-POSIX variable name
gnome-doc-utils.make:77: (probably a GNU make extension)
help/   `gnome-doc-utils.make' included from here

Any idea on this?

2) Any comment on the use of Mallard in gbrainy [2]? Specially anything that is not following the expected standards.

3) Any comment or suggestion on the documentation structure for gbrainy and its contents?

gbrainy 1.3 will be released in mid January and will include the Mallard help already.

Thanks in advance,



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