Empathy Help

I'm working on the Empathy Help to take into account the
recent UI changes.  (Milo already committed quite a few
corrections.  Thanks!)  I want to give a heads-up about
a few things I've come across:

* I'm adding an "Accounts Window" guide page, so there's
something to point that Help button at.

* From the "Accounts Window" page, I started doing details
pages.  For instance, there's a "Jabber Account Details"
page, which is strictly for crazy advanced usage only.

* Along those lines, I'm adding "IRC Account Details",
which is the craziest, because it's the only one where
the basic options aren't just login ID and password.

* To that end, a lot of the detailed information about
connecting to an IRC server ends up duplicated in this

* That information is redundant with "Create an IRC
account".  I'm not sure this is a particularly good
task.  I don't really ever want to create an account
for IRC.  Heck, IRC "accounts" are purely an invention
of IM programs doing IRC.  I want to join an IRC chat.

* So I propose we nuke that topic, and modify "Join a
room" to direct you to create an account if you haven't
already, directing you to "Add an account" and "IRC
Account Details".

* Talking to the Empathy developers, I'm told that the
password for IRC accounts is a server password, not a
nickserv password.  That affects all the nick password
stuff pretty drastically.

Anyway, thanks again to Milo, who kicked some serious ass
on this.  I'm going to start pushing changes in order from
least churn to most.  Please weigh in.


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