Re: UI changes for control-center

Il giorno dom, 23/08/2009 alle 10.40 -0400, William Jon McCann ha

> * We should let the demand/market determine whether such a tool is even desired

William, we are not speaking about a feature like "let me change the
theme to show my friends how cool is my pc" that anyone expects from a
desktop environment. The kind of feature that, if you remove it, people
will track you to use tickle torture :D

Windows capplet is the perfect example of a tool that exposed
(somewhere) in the UI is a way for users to learn what GNOME can do.

Asking yourself "What does this <ui item>?" is a good starting point to
explore the capabilities of GNOME, even if it's something that you will
use only once in your lifetime.
Rarely used options aren't useless options. Exaggerating and going
politically incorrect, we could move all a11y related UI to gconf 'cause
there are not so much people that use them.

If we stick those stuff in gconf, only GNOME developers, translators and
documenters will know that you can, for example, shade a window.

As a side note, in my experience with other GNOME users, it seems that a
common desire[1] about window management is the ability to close a
window double-clicking on the icon in title bar.

This case makes me think about:
      * the demand may be "wrong"
      * the demand may stay unimplemented

> However, since you mention it,
> one of the very important goals for 2.28 is to be a baseline system
> for testing the Shell.  Keep in mind that the Windows menu is tied to
> features of the old metacity that may not even be relevant for mutter.

If we are planning to "remove" those features moving from metacity to
mutter, then another solution could be move the Windows capplet in
metacity source tree.

[1] desire, maybe non exposed in form of bug reports: users sometimes
are lazy in bug reporting, but grumble when they know you are a GNOME
contributor :)

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