Re: Lots of fuzzy strings in the accessibility guide

On Sat, 2008-05-24 at 10:33 +0200, Gabor Kelemen wrote:
> Hi
> In the last few days, about 500 strings became fuzzy thanks to the 
> updates of vpalexander. Is this serious, just before less than 1week the 
> scheduled release of 2.22.2? Or will there be no such release?

I'm sorry.  I should have branched, knowing that Vincent
was going to rock the casbah on the accessibility docs.
I'll try to create a gnome-2-22 branch today that doesn't
have his updates.  A quick glance indicates there were
only Spanish updates after Vincent's.  I can't just copy
those over, because they might be updates of the updated
stuff I'm not copying.


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