Re: Documentation for Empathy

I proposed Empathy for inclusion in GNOME desktop 2.24. That means we need to begin the work on the doc. I can't really help on writing it but I can add the needed infrastructur to Empathy, what need to be done in the build system and in the code? Is there some doc to help developers to integrate documentation in the UI?

Xavier Claessens.

2008/3/16, Xavier Claessens <xclaesse gmail com>:

I'm the maintainer of Empathy [1] and I would like to propose it for
inclusion in GNOME desktop 2.24. I don't have user documentation yet, is
it possible to get help to write it? I'm not native English speaker so
it's a bit difficult to me.

Empathy's UI is based on Gossip so most of the doc could be reused I

Thanks !

Xavier Claessens.


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