Request for string freeze break (trashapplet)


When you empty the trash a progress dialog appears to show you how far
along you are.  Before the actual delete can begin, though, the number
of files needs to be counted (so we know what the percentage is).

I'm not exactly sure what the old trash applet did in this situation.
There's code in there to display a progress dialog, but from testing it
out, it seems not to display anything ever...

In any case, I just finished rewriting the applet to use GIO and the
progress dialog is back in business.  Unfortunately, there is currently
no string to use during the initial "counting" phase.  I have it set up
right now to show the dialog (so you have an indication that something
is happening) but there's just a blank progress bar.

If possible, I'd like to add something along the lines of "Preparing to
Empty" to the progress bar, much like Nautilus does for "Preparing to

Thanks for your consideration.


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