Documentation Team Meetings

In an attempt to get some cohesion in our team, we're going
to try to hold semi-regular team meetings.  We will present
and agenda for each meeting and send the minutes back to the
mailing lists.

We will have two meetings back to back.  The first meeting
will be for our writers, the second for our hackers.

The first meeting will be this Sunday, March 18.  Writers
will meet at 17:00 UTC.  Hackers will meet an hour later
at 18:00 UTC.  Here are the agendas:

1. Introduction and welcome new members
2. Find out who's working on what
3. Current status of the User Guide
4. Discuss how much effort we want to devote to continued 2.18 work
5. Assign tasks
6. New business

1. Introduction and welcome new members
2. Current status of existing platform
3. Status of Project Mallard
   * Check out gnome-doc-utils/sandbox/mallard from Gnome SVN 
4. Status of Spoon 
   * See also the proposed new help system specification at
5. New business

Please stop by and help us make great help.


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