Tomboy branched for GNOME 2.18

Thanks to everyone providing translations for Tomboy!

This email is to inform you that we've created a "gnome-2-18" branch
in Tomboy's SVN repository.  This should be used for any additional
translations needed for the GNOME 2.18 release.

Translators and documenters [1]: if you have a working copy of tomboy trunk,
you may switch to branch 2-18 without copying it or checking it out
again. Just go to your equivalent of ~/linux/svn/tomboy and type:

svn switch svn+ssh://username svn gnome org/svn/tomboy/branches/gnome-2-18

There shouldn't be any more code changes in the gnome-2-18 branch
unless a show stopper creeps up.  Trunk is now open for new feature
development for 0.7.x, but we don't expect to be making any serious
changes there before GNOME 2.18 releases.

Thank you!


[1] Thank you Leonardo for providing the svn switch info in the orca email

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