Re: Tomboy documentation

I spent a little bit of time updating the doc today, but could still
use some help reviewing it and adding the help about the new plugins,
adding updated screenshots, etc.

Patch can be found here (haven't committed it):

Can anyone confirm/deny whether committing updated documentation would
break string/ui freeze for 2.18?



On 2/20/07, Bertrand Chardon <bertrand chardon gmail com> wrote:

My name is Bertrand Chardon, I'm posting on these lists for the first time,
so please forgive any general lack of etiquette.

I've had a quick talk with the very kind people of #tomboy regarding the
current state of the documentation for that great application, and it turns
out that it is a bit out of date. As I am willing to provide some help to
get it updated as soon as possible, and as I have gathered that we are now
in the "string freeze" period regarding Gnome 2.18, I was wondering if
anyone could provide some tips or general guidelines to help me in the
process, as I am kind of newbie in the community, yet a MOTIVATED newbie.

Also, it is important to note that in case we still have enough time to
update the documentation (most of my free time is on saturdays and sundays),
we need to synchronize with the internationlization team to deliver a
documentation up to date with all the nice features that have been added
since Gnome 2.16's Tomboy was released.

Thank you all,


In Diversitate Concordia
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