Re: small UI freeze break proposal for gnome-control-center

On 2/19/07, Josef 'cornelius' Vybíral <newsgroups vybiral info> wrote:
Hello GNOME release team,
 I would like to ask you for your permission for two small breaks in UI
freeze of gnome-control-center. Both breaks are icon related and I am
proposing them to make the look of the control center consistent with

These bugs are:
#397305 (Sound applet icon) [1] and
#399051 (Network proxy icon)[2].

Both bug reports has new icons attached. I  was talking with Dobey about
them and he adviced to contact you, the release team, for approval to
include them. I am attaching these icons in the mail too, as recommended
at the wiki.

Both icon patches, if included, would mean only a change letting the
icons being installed by the Control center and then used by
proper .desktop file.

The proposed changes only affect documentation team during the
development cycle (they will probably have to remake some screenshots)
but in the result, users will be pleased with the consistent look of the
gnome-control-center with these icons in combination with
gnome-icon-theme or tango-icon-theme icon themes.

Can someone from the doc team comment?  If this change will force them
to redo screenshots, I'd prefer to avoid the change (they have enough
work already and it's fairly late in the cycle), but if the icons
don't appear in the documentation or that part of the documentation is
in need of other updates anyway, then I'd give 1 of the necessary


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