Screen Recordings...

У čet, 12. 10 2006. у 10:41 +0300, Jason (spot) Brower пише:
> I could create all the recordings and other what not.
> What do you think?  I think it would greatly improve the quality of
> the all ready wonderful documentation.

I think that this can be great...

Can we use at-spi (via LDTP or dogtail) to automate the recordings? Then
it won't be a hasle for translators to make recordings for localized

Also, I think we shouldn't depend on that in online documentation, users
with slow net connections may not like that. Maybe this can be provided
as an alternative to static image inside DocBook file and we can use
XSLT to display one inline and make a link to another.

Was there any discussions on this topic earlier?

Goran Rakic

My first day on this list so no idea.  I use byzanz because even with a slower bandwith the images load and don't need any special plugins.  Hense this information, the videos, can be easily integrated into any web-based help system.  like yelp.
Thanks for the advise and I will get on thos other programs to see what they are.

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