Re: Glade 3.0 stable branched

Vincent Geddes wrote:

On Sat, 2006-09-30 at 11:14 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
Glade needs a user manual that is for sure, Vincent Geddes has
expressed an interest in writing one (CC'ing you here vgeddes,
maybe you can tell us what your availability for that is for this
comming season).

Hehe, actually I have already updated the old Glade 2 manual and
integrated it the glade3 build system (on my local cvs checkout). I just
haven't found a good time to discuss all of it with tristan yet.

The main issue with glade3 having GNOME documentation is ScrollKeeper.
Apparently scrollkeeper is unmaintained (I can't wait for Spoon ;)). It also adds additional complexity and a possible build dependency that
I need to have tristan check out first.

I have added a `--disable-scrollkeeper' to, for systems
that do not have scrollkeeper installed. When scrollkeeper is disabled,
html documentation will be installed instead. The html docs will be
generated from the docbook sources using `xmlto'. These html docs will
need to be stored alongside the docbook sources in the repository, so
that there is no build dependency on xmlto.

I am pretty new to the documentation side of things, so I a hope I am
making sense here :)
Vincent, Joachim,
   As I've said in the past to Vincent, I see no reason to add libgnomeui
dependancies to glade if it be for the mere purpose of a single docs
feature - as specially since we already have a devhelp integration
pipeline that allows us to view docs via devhelp at any time.

There must be something I dont understand - after reading the
recent planet.g.o post about spoon - I dont know why on earth anyone
would want to depend on scrollkeeper at all (not to mention it would
be yet another instance of #ifdef HAVE_SCROLLKEEPER dual builds -
which I am religiously against and will avoid if I can).

Maybe one of you can enlighten me to the meaning of this phrase:
 "The main issue with glade3 having GNOME documentation is ScrollKeeper."

Why on earth does "GNOME documentation" need to be tied in to "ScrollKeeper" ?

What kind of fancy features are available in "GNOME" documentation - and
why cant those features be available outside of "GNOME" ?


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