Re: Documenting Keyboard prefs - Layout Options

--- Danilo Å egan <danilo gnome org> wrote:
> "Group" represents a certain keyboard layout or
> variant (eg. "USA
> keyboard", or "French DVORAK keyboard").  So, you
> have key combinations
> which switch between loaded "groups" (which you add
> in "Layouts"
> tab).

I can't get the 'Switch while pressed' options to
Is this normal -- will there always be some options
that won't work on some people's systems?
I've added a note to the top of the section:

"The options shown in this tabbed section depend on
the X windowing system you are using. Not all the
following options might be listed on your system, and
not all the options shown might work on your system."

> "Third level" is a way to allow more than two
> different meanings of a
> key (you get the initial two with just pressing a
> key, or pressing it
> with Shift; eg. "a" and "A", "1" and "!").  A "third
> level chooser" is
> all about setting a key (combination) to get the
> third (fourth with
> Shift) meaning.   For example, on some keyboard
> layouts, you can get
> "â?¬" (euro) by pressing <third-level-chooser>+e.

The other option to add a Euro character to a key --
this adds the Euro as a Third Level, doesn't it?

> "CapsLock key behaviour" lists some options for Caps
> Lock itself, and
> I don't know what all these options are.

Same again, I can't get most of these to work.
Does anyone know anything about the two Miscellaneous

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