Re: Wiki-style documentation editing

Hi Ramon,

> Hi I'm sure this has been raised before but I got a 404 for this
> list's archive search page when I tried to find it

It seems to be back up, I'm happy now :)

> I was looking
> through the glib api docs (which I thought were excellent) and I
> wanted to add something. The recommendation was that I post to this
> list and discuss it here, then make changes via CVS. What I want to
> know is: is this really necessary? Is it not too much of a
> disincentive for someone just browsing who happens to have something
> useful to add but doesn't really want to go through a whole Process
> just to add one line.

No, I don't think you need to do all that. Just send the problem and
proposed solution to this mailing list, if nobody can fix it straight
away, at least it should get into the next update.

Sorry about the out of date and not very useful information on the
website, I believe there are people working on this...

> I would think this would be a pretty common
> occurence. Surely, 99% of the time, more documentation is a good
> thing? Is this something that is being considered? If not, why not?

It would be nice if more people proposed corrections to the docs,
unfortunately this doesn't seem to happen very often - the advice on the
website may not help.

Here's an idea guys : why not dump *all* documentation to the wiki, with
minimal formatting and a nice complete index. If anybody finds a problem
with the documentation, they just go to the wiki and post their
corrections. We could write a nice howto, and point to it from all

Before each release, we do a diff to get the changes, and integrate any
interesting changes. After the next release, we dump the new docs to the
wiki, ready for any changes. On each wiki page for these docs, you have
a big box saying that this is not the documentation, but the place to
propose your modifications...

Love, Karderio

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