Re: more doc work (was Re: completed gataxx doc)


On Sun, 2006-07-30 at 12:56 -0700, Ryan Paul wrote:
> I am primarily interested in doing more "big" rewrites, but I am willing
> to do small changes as well. I may be able to take on projects of
> greater magnitude, but I can't commit to do so categorically at this
> point, meaning that I'll have to evaluate such projects going forward to
> determine if they will fit into my schedule.

There are plenty of docs in need of some lovin'.  I'll just take the
opportunity to suggest the gnome accessibility guide.  There are plenty
of tasks in it and it needs a huge revamp.  I started working on it last
cycle, but didn't get very far due to other commitments and such.

> I can do the screenshots, including the cropping/fading. Are there
> specific GTK/Metacity themes that I should use?

I believe the preferred theme is the default (Clearlooks) theme.

> If there is sufficient interest, I am also willing to make a utility to
> help automate the screenshot/crop/fade process. Last year I was writing
> articles with lots of screenshots, and I started to get really
> frustrated with the limitations of the GNOME screenshot utility. I
> eventually made my own with Ruby and Glade. It does a lot of things that
> the GNOME screenshot utility doesn't do. For instance, it can capture a
> specific window or a specified screen region. It probably wouldn't be
> that difficult to extend my utility so that it can optionally perform
> the border fade operation. If enough doc writers are interested in using
> something like that, I am willing to rewrite it in Python so that people
> don't have to wrestle with the Ruby GNOME dependencies.

The screenshot utility does support only a single window (through
<alt>-PrintScreen).  Although, a tool to automagically make screenshots
help-worthy might be pretty cool.  Any tool that makes the doc writers
lives easier would probably be welcomed ;)


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