Re: Style guide: terminology

On Sat, 2006-07-08 at 20:26 +0100, Joachim Noreiko wrote:
> Bug 325806 reminds me that the Style Guide section on
> standard terms needs a polish. (Ok, the WHOLE style
> guide needs work, but let's do this in chunks we can
> feasibly handle!)
> Debating each term on this list or the usability list
> will take ages and become rather hard to follow.
> I suggest instead we go about it like this:
> 1. Karderio runs his python magic and dumps the three
> sections of terms onto three wiki pages.
> 2. we & other interested parties then rip those pages
> apart with comments etc.

Some of those terms just need to disappear, and we
need quite a lot of new terminology recommendations.
We need to put some thought into how we organize all
the terms into sections.

Given that, could we put them all into one large wiki
page?  It'll be large, but I think it'll be easier to
shift them around into different sections.  (Is Moin
able to do those automatic tables of contents like
MediaWiki does?)

I want to move the Style Guide and the Handbook over
to gnome-devel-docs after the Subversion migration.
I'd like to get the HIG in there as well.  It's too
hard to find all these documents in CVS right now,
and I think it'll be a lot easier if we have one
CVS module.  Plus, any documents in g-d-d will be
released in a tarball, readable in yelp or devhelp
or something.  Yum.


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