Epiphany string change

Committed a patch to Epiphany CVS with some string changes.

Changes in ephy-bookmark-properties.c
      * Removed "I_con:"
      * Changed mnemonics to "_Address:" and "T_opics:"
      * Added "_Show bookmark with same address". This string is used on
        a button that, when clicked, opens the properties dialog for an
        existing bookmark with the same address as the one currently
        being edited. It should hint, if possible, that the bookmark
        really does exist already, and that the user should be made
        aware of it.
      * Removed "All" and "Subtopics"

Changes in ephy-topics-palette.c
      * Added "By title", which indicates that the topics will be
        arranged in a simple, flat list sorted by title.
      * Added "By relation", which indicates that the topics will be
        organised by relationship/status (those selected by the user,
        those known to be subtopics of the current selection, and then
        all others). The relations between topics may not be mutual; for
        example Comics may be a subtopic of News, but not vice-versa.

Changes in ephy-bookmarks-ui.c
      * Removed "Bookmark exists"
      * Removed "You already have a bookmark titled “%s” for this page."
      * Removed "_View Properties"
      * Removed "Bookmark Exists"
      * Removed "_Create New"

Peter Harvey.

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