Epiphany string change

Some accumulated string changes from the last 3 days in Epiphany:

      * Added "_Toolbars" as a menu for all toolbar customisation
      * Added "_Customize Toolbars..." to open the toolbar editor
      * Added "_Show Toolbars" to toggle showing all toolbars
      * Removed "T_oolbars" and "_Toolbar"
      * Replaced "Zoom _In" with "_Larger Text"
      * Replaced "Zoom _Out" with "S_maller Text"

      * Added "Hide “%s”" to toggle hiding a named toolbar. Note that
        this overrides the option to show toolbars described above.

      * Replaced "_Address:" with "A_ddress:"
      * Removed "_Show bookmark with same address"
      * Added "_Unify With %d Identical Bookmark" and its plural to
        merge multiple bookmarks with identical address fields
      * Added "Show “%s”" to show properties for named bookmarks
      * Added "%d _Similar" and its plural on a button which, when
        pressed, presents a menu of similar bookmarks (identical or
        similar address). Note that this button also has a warning icon
        on it as we do not encourage the existence of similar/duplicate
      * Removed "_New Topic"

src/bookmarks/ephy-topics-entry.c  (new file)
      * Added "Create topic “%s”" which appears in the auto-complete of
        a text entry to create a new topic from whatever the user

      * Removed "By title" and "By Relation"
      * Removed "No topics"
      * Removed "No selected topics" and "Selection"
      * Removed "No more subtopics" and "Subtopics"
      * Removed "No other topics" and "No other topics"

Peter Harvey.

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