Updating your contact details in the Bugzilla l10n language component

Dear All,
This mail is about how to update the contact details for your language team at GNOME Bugzilla.
The current contact details for your team are
You get to this page when you browser the "l10n" product on GNOME Bugzilla, at
and then you click to view the "component descriptions" (bottom-right).
Each language team has a component in the l10n product, which corresponds to each language.

The team contact information are also available at
These two lists are different, so there is need to make sure both are OK.

To update possibly obsolete information at
file a bug report on Bugzilla.
1. Start at
2. Click to "Enter a new bug report"
3. For bug type, leave it to "Normal" and click on Next.
4. Under Classification, choose "Infrastructure" and
under Application pick "bugzilla.gnome.org". Click Next.
5. In the next screen, pick the "email" component and click Next.
6. For the severity, let the default Normal and click Next.
7. In the final step simply describe which e-mail address you would like to update, either
"Default Assignee " or "Default QA Contact" or both.

As an example for this, see

Some teams put their mailing list address as the contact e-mail address.
In this case make sure that you register the Bugzilla sender e-mail address, which is
"bugzilla-daemon bugzilla gnome org"

Some people may have more than one Bugzilla account (like I used to...). You may fold them in one by posting a bug report under
Classification: Infrastructure
  Product: bugzilla.gnome.org
     Component: Bugzilla


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