Re: scrollkeeper categories will put new users off the documentation

Matthew East wrote:
So, just to get this clear: are there technical reasons that prevent the
Manual Pages and Info pages from being relegated to a secondary page? If
so, the discussion will have to end here until those are overcome.

Yes, but it's possible that we may be able to move this to the "Other
Documentation" category.  I'll take a look at the feasability of this
when I get home tonight.


Having categories on the front page which not only fail to come within
the categorisation structure which already exists (Desktop,
Applications, Other) but are also called things which don't make sense
to the user, will surely result in the user becoming disillusioned with
the help on offer, and going elsewhere. This is something we really need
to avoid if Yelp is going to get used.

Getting the man pages and info pages to appear in the correct category
along with the docbook documentation is definitely a major change and
will not make this release.  I don't even think this is sane since there
are _so_ many man pages.

The Desktop/Applications/Other categorisation is not exactly logical
either, but that's for another day I think.

I would love to restructure this for 2.16, but there are some other
issues that I've been trying to tackle first, such as the problems
outlined here:

We can change how the scrollkeeper categories map to the TOC categories,
so if we want to restructure the TOC in the future, we should _not_ have
to change any of the categories in the application's actual OMF file
(unless of course the application is miscategorized)


An alternative solution is to give "Manual Pages" and "GNU Info Pages"
better names, but I confess I can't think what those might be, at the

I like "Unix Manual Pages"
Not sure about info though


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